An ‘Asylum with a view’…..

on-airChamonix 2.5 years on….. going full circle.

I realised I’ve been a little quiet with the old blog lately. I also tend to stay away from personal stuff on here as there’s enough of that already out there swamping the ‘blog-sphere’ ( is that a word?)….’Who’s climbed this, who’s shredded that………look at meeeee, this is how you should be living your life – you losers…..

I’ve simply been trying to figure out a viable way of  making a living and making the most of being in the mountains. It’s not an easy balance to strike. Having failed to get on with the kinds of jobs I can do here- ie cleaning and bar work – and frankly not really doing very well at them ( 5 years of higher education – literally- down the toilet! 😉 ) failing to pick up much French, and having the problem that writing and journalism aren’t really paid enough anymore to make ends meet…..I was scratching my head as to what to do next.

I was eyeing my friends from London who come out maybe twice a month or more for the weekend and really made the most if it – with ENVY! – whereas I’ve been bumbling around not doing the stuff I came here for as I’ve been panicking about not having money, not been able to buy decent kit and just stressed at being in a place like Chamonix where you feel like a loser if you’ve not shredded the Cosmiques before breakfast…..

alpinsim chamonix

On the Contamine-Grisolle route on Mont Blanc du Tacul.

Then an old KM-fm DJ friend of mine suggested I started freelancing again- they missed my voice on the airwaves! I’d also noted how easy it was to effectively ‘commute’ from Chamonix to London …. combined with the new Easybus service to Geneva cutting the costs of transfers and the wonders of air bnb helping cover my rent, ( although I’ve had a few interesting scenarios with guests!) …. so I thought I’d give it a go.

And I’m pleased to say, so far so good.  The radio industry really seems to have picked up since I left in 2012. The pay has not gone up however, as there are still enough people wanting to do the job for nothing, but there appears to be much more work about.

Sure, I’m not spending half as much time in Chamonix as I’d imagined this summer. I’ve have to pass up on several events I’d entered like the Mont Blanc Marathon 80km, the petite Fizz 32km and a mountaineering week  – it’s got to the point that people think I’ve left for good- but, sorry to disappoint you-  I’m merely laying the foundations!

Brevent Ski Belay

Brevent Ski Belay

Yet the removal of stress from knowing I now have a fairly regular income far outweighs the disappointment of missing out- or shall we call it the Chamonix #FOMO ( fear of missing out) – and to be honest I feel I’m being true to myself in doing something that I love, that I trained to do and am feeling like a professional and using my brain again….. Being on air again and getting positive feedback for a change is great, rather than someone having a go at you for missing a hair in the plug hole ……..

The other thing  – for me anyway- is that Chamonix is a wonderful little bubble- my friend calls it a place for the ‘ irresponsibles. ‘ It doesn’t feel like the real world. I realised I barely knew what was going on outside the bubble – as much as I love it here and certainly don’t regret moving; I have great friends, and great times and loads of inspiring people around me….. but I guess the grass is always greener…. only now I have a bit of grass from both sides of the channel!

LBC LogoIt feels good to be back in the thick of it again in London, and I don’t even mind doing overnights… Chamonix has been great training for that! Sleep deprivation is nothing to me. Also, surprisingly to some perhaps- I find it easier to be healthier and fitter in London. Perhaps there is less temptation for me, what with overnights – but perhaps its just because the climbing walls in the UK are soooooo much better – and I can afford and have access to a gluten free, lactose free, carb free, (taste free) vegan wrap or something from delightful from Itsu!

You can catch me from time to time on LBC, TalkSPORT and Entertainment News ( whom brilliantly I can work remotely for.) if you care to listen…. 🙂



2 responses to “An ‘Asylum with a view’…..

  1. Hey girl, I hadn’t signed the old blog for a while either, so I just saw this. Really stoked for you that you’re doing so well and back in the game. Sometimes I think we need to get a little lost so that we can think that much harder about our direction of travel. I’m looking forward to seeing things unfold for you! Miss you.

    • yes exactly- reassess our values a bit- but i do need more time in Chamonix- its gone to the other extreme now! Seems things are going great for you – coming back to Chamonix at all?

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