Social Space: Climbing clubs and social media

P1050977I was recently asked by the British Mountaineering Council ( being the “social media expert” that I am ) to do a little investigation into social media and climbing clubs: do clubs still have a role to play in the digital age?

I thought it would be best to ask the people and clubs I know best- from my stomping ground of the South East and plenty of old friends and climbing partners are featured here.

It was also a very interesting piece from a personal point of view, as I use social media a lot and am all for it and have found it frustrating in France (Chamonix!) that hardly anything is done online. To join a Club Alpine France meet, you have to go to the CAF cottage on a friday night and sign up…. things are not even done via email. I’ve found this incredibly frustrating and have noted that there are many many facebook sporting groups in the area, as clearly I am not the only one who’s found it hard to meet people and organise trips.

It’s not quite as bad in the UK, but there are still a few luddites out there who actually viewed me with great suspicion when I asked about their opinions on social media.

Anyway- here’s the article, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts…. Social Space


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