Winter on Mount Toubkal….

DSCN4486I’ve just got back from a fantastic week in Morocco with The Adventure Company on a trip to climb (trek), Mount Toubkal- winter style if necessary with crampons and ice axe etc.

Not only did we  reach the summit of North Africa’s highest mountain, the next day we also climbed the second and third highest peaks, Ouanoukrim- which consists of two summits- the N summit of Ras (4083) and the S summit of Timesguida ( 4088). As is often the case, (think Pippa v Kate, Harry v Will’s ) its the “little siblings” that are more interesting than their elders as these peaks, although not having the draw of being the highest, are actually more exciting to climb, with some great scrambling near their summits.

It was only after we’d climbed these mountains that the snows came. We made a short trek in the powder before descending  back down the valley, which was actually easier to walk on as the ground underfoot was firmer, with no loose scree to catch me out – and the air stiller, so I could regulate my temperature better!


As ever it was a great mix of culture, great company, brilliant guides ( thanks to Mohammed- Moroccan ski champ x 2, and Lhoucine, who filled my mind with ideas for further adventures and taught us so much about Moroccon culture/politics etc- ( I’m currently listening to the Shagru Band,  a band originally from the Berber village of Mellab, who sang about Berber liberation. The lead singer, M’barek Oularbi, is now sadly dead) as well as exhausting himself trying to get us to “Yallah, Yallah,” ( hurry up!)


There are some pictures on the trip on my Google Plus page. My article on the trip will be out in Adventure Travel magazine next year.


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