A break from the Mountains in Mauritius….

38998_10150211199450461_940503_nIt’s only mid August but its already feeling very close to ‘end of season Chamonix.’ Plenty of people have plans to leave  for this period, as I’m told it turns into a bit of a ghost town- although I suspect it’s a better time to get to know “the real Chamonix”- and at least Elevation is still open!

I however, will be off for a few days to Mauritius ( lucky me)  on a bit of a “wellness adventure” with the  *LUX Le Morne hotel, who are launching the new *LUX ME Wellness Adventure Programme in conjunction with London’s  SP&Co – an integrated approach to wellbeing that allows guests to explore the natural beauty of Mauritius whilst getting fit at the same time.

The five day programme combines fitness, spa, nutrition, yoga and meditation,  which they tailor into a programme depending on guests’ level of fitness, budget and time frame on the island.

Leading experts in activity/wellness fields who have been involved in the development of the project and will be on hand there, including: Stephen Price (fitness); Amelia Freer (nutrition); Yan De Maroussem (mountain trekking and trailing); Shirley Page (spa and essential oils); Patrick Haberland (kayaking and mountain biking); Emanuele Senatore (diving); Nico Kux (water sports); Katja Rhyner (yoga).

Activities on offer are kite surfing, sunset yoga sessions, trails runs/walks through Black River National Park, spa treatments, swimming with dolphins, mountain biking, paddle boarding, sea kayaking, and more.


I’m told the hotel’s location is a mecca for kitesurfing- something I’ve never tried – and I’ll also be scuba diving again, which I’ve not done for over three years since the Cayman Islands, despite having several qualifications, as I just couldn’t cope with the UK’s cold waters!

But I hope I don’t miss too much excitement in Chamonix, I already feel there’s much that I’ll have to leave until next season….

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