The fragile opening of this winter’s ski season…

Back in early November, I joined the Ski Podcast for a chat about the upcoming season, ski touring in Chamonix and more. 

At 7:30mins in, Iain asks me if I thought French resorts would open as planned in December- with the first weekend potentially 4/5th December.

I thought not. 

“I was thinking about this as I’ve already put (the opening) it in my diary. But from the last lockdown, it wasn’t as if everything was open again.  We could only travel 100km outside of our home … I can’t image (French President) Macron is suddenly going to say -‘ right that’s it’ … It’s going to be more gradual than that.”

Ed Drake from the Ski Racing podcast disagreed. He thought the money skiing brings to the French economy is too huge to shut the whole of the French Alps…” to shut the resorts its a really big call.”

Little did we know how the situation would escalate, with protests at French resorts over the decision to ban lifts from operating over the Christmas period.

I went on set on Euronews to discuss this: French ski resorts protest plans to keep lifts closed over Christmas period

Meanwhile, I thought it an idea to think about where else we could ski in Europe other than the Alps:

Discover Europe’s wildest ski destinations outside of the Alps

For example, here I am ski touring in Georgia:

And finally, some of the activities we could do in resorts that don’t involve strapping on a pair of skis…

A non-skiers guide to winter

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