Getting involved with Free to Run

I recently decided I wanted to put my journalism and communications skills to use for a cause close to my heart. I stumbled across the NGO ‘Free to Run’ when  making some interviews to promote the TEDxLausaane Women 2016 talks for World Radio Switzerland.

Human rights lawyer, Stephanie Case was giving a talk about embracing your ‘inner crazy’ and finding you own illogical path to success. Stephanie is an  accomplished ultrarunner and the President and Founder of Free to Run, a charity that uses sport to empower women and girls from conflict-affected areas. As an athlete, she saw an avenue for sports to help address some of these basic issues of inequality.

I immediately read up on the organisation and decided to offer my services. My role in media relations and content marketing is to act as a point of contact for the media, briefing all parties on the topics to be discussed and giving our spokesperson the right information at the right time. I help monitor media and key influencers, assist in the drafting of fact sheets and other media documents and assist with press releases and press pitching. In the area of content marketing, I assist with storytelling for the blog, newsletter and press releases.

Free to Run have some compelling stories about events, program activities, and program participants which I communicate by interviewing key people and creating articles around them. This includes highlighting the many volunteers, fundraisers and supporters of Free to Run.

For my first piece for the Free to Run blog I interviewed Virginie Goethals who manages Free to Run’s Hiking to Heal and Track Training programs in Hong Kong. Her story was very moving and you can read my interview with Virginie about the hiking programme here.

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