Cable car drama above Chamonix….

punta_helbronner_1I’ve not posted for some time now as I’ve been happily getting on with life in Chamonix –  and Geneva at my new job as news editor at World Radio Switzerland.

But today was a little out of the ordinary.

I always had a feeling one day something BIG would happen in Chamonix. When I say big, I mean big for people of the ‘real world’ not just the in climbing or skiing arena, but something that would pique everyone’s interest.

And that day came last night when 110 people were stranded on a cable car high above the valley.

As I headed out earlier that evening, I did notice more helicopters than usual setting off from the nearby launchpad and when I returned there was even more buzzing overhead.

I then read  (and retweeted) the news about the tourists suspended over a glacier at an altitude of about 3,600m, after wires linking the Aiguille de Midi peak (3,842 meters), to Pointe Helbronner (3,462 meters) above the town of Courmayeur in Italy became tangled.

As I immediately wrote and put together a voice piece for WRS the tweets began to come in. I was asked to speak to 5 Live, BBC World TV, BBC London, Sky News, Sunrise, BBC Breakfast, BBC Scotland, BBC Birmingham, BBC Wales, and the World Service.

Speaking to the BBC via Facetime on my i pad – squinting!

I didnt really get much sleep last night….

When I finally had the opportunity, I headed down to the Aiguille du Midi lift station where the remaining 33 tourists had been brought down that morning and were having coffee and warming up.

I spoke to a few people and here is the resulting report for WRS:


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