From Marathon to Ultra….. The OCC

occ finishing lineLast week I successfully completed by first official “Ultra Marathon” (ie anything over the distance of 50km.) The OCC or Orsières – Champex – Chamonix, is designed to offer something for those fairly new to Ultra running as its considered a middle distance race, (Trail Ultra Medium (M) between 42km and 69km).

Mountain running is something I’ve been really keen to get into out here in Chamonix and gradually I think my muscles are responding to the different demands it entails, compared to flat, road running.

But I’m still not great at ascents and my knee is little sore after absolutely pounding those downhill’s which I love so much.

video of the event is out on BMC TV – thanks to my friends Rachel and Toby at Seven Twenty productions.

As you will probably see from the video, I’m not the most well trained of the subjects- but, as ever, I just about get away with it. I’m planning on something a bit longer at the end of the year ( as is often the case, you wonder why the hell you’re doing something-then go and book yourself to do something even stupider) But I realise to make the next step up I will have to be a bit more committed and focused….. Here’s a little write up on the race for Chamonet.

Some more photos of the race are on my google plus page.

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