Reporting for Chamonix

mont blanc marathonI’ve just started writing for the Chamonets website; activity reports, news, gear and restaurant reviews. It means if there is something going on in Chamonix… hopefully I will be there! Here’s my report on climbing and trail running.

Chamonets is actually part of the Skinets websites and relevent gear reviews or reports are shared across all the sites. Skinest are actually moving to a new umbrella brand: See The World which currently has 15 websites, and 10 in their infancy at the moment.

Seemallorca hit a peak of over 11,000 visits per day last summer, with 2million visitors from jan-dec

Chamonet hits peaks of over 5,000 a day in winter and about 900,000 visitors in the same time period, Verbinet gets around 3,000 in winter and 400,000 over the year

They also have a good social media presence on FB, twitter and G+ with a combined fan base of 22,000 on FB and about 10,000 on twitter. So, a great opportunity for me!

climbing in aosta



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