Cayman Brac in Klatring magazine

cayman brac climbing, klatring magazine

So, imagine my surprise when my friend who was ski touring in Norway, WhatsApp’s me to say “you are in Klatring magazine…”

First I’ve heard of it, I replied. ” Ahhhh, but you are a rock star….can I have your autograph?….” and he forwards me some photos.

I can’t tell from them if the words are mine- I suspect not – but the photos certainly are of me.

Again, They are on my Facebook and Picassa/Google/Flickr- so I’m guessing its a free for all to take what they want.

Actually the photos aren’t mine anyway- they were taken by a good friend Kirk Donaldson.

So, I’m not sure what- if anything- I can do about this. I’d like to see a translation of the piece to check non of my words have been taken…..


climbing in cayman brac, kletring magazine

Am awaiting a reply to my email to the magazine. I wish I knew more about these things- copyright etc….. Still, its nice to have pictures of me out there- shame I’ve not been given a name credit either! If anyone can get hold of a copy and translate, I’d much appreciate it!

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