SkiTrek- a new site for touring & trekking…

IMG_8600It may not be snowing much in Chamonix at the moment but I still feel pretty lucky to have already had two weekends of pleasant piste skiing with good friends.

With regards to writing about skiing however, I’ve decided its time to focus a little more on the adventurous stuff, rather than  “I went to a nice resort, had a nice time, ate lots of nice food and drunk lots of nice wine.” Don’t get me wrong – I am not opposed to any of this. I love it…. but its hard to sell a story on this alone. What I really want to do and write about is touring, ski mountaineering , freeride and…erm …Nordic skiing  ( yes!- I’ve entered La Trans Jurassienne in February- only the 25km though-more about some of the crazy things I’ve entered next year coming soon…)

So I’m really pleased to have been approached to work for a new website/digi-mag (via my friends at the Eagles Ski Club) . SkiTrek will launch at the end of January 2014 and I will be a contributing editor.

• What is SkiTrek?

– A hub for the touring & trekking community

– A unique take on the tour & trek world across continents and countries – A source of advice

– A site for everyone – gentle skinners, casual hikers as well as adventurers

– A community – with Forums, Blog and logs for tours & treks

• We seek to tread lightly on the mountains and observe – the fauna & flora, not forgetting savvy and safety, health & fitness, good gear & huts

• The SkiTrek Team is an eclectic mix – Guides, a mountain rescuer, a parapente champion, a racer, a botanist, a renowned photographer et al

So if anyone has ideas for stories, trips etc you can contact me on


In the mean time, I’ve lined up a few stories :

The Freeride World Tour in Courmayeur on 18th January- skiing with last year’s FWT champion Drew Tabke.

Off piste in Le Portes du Soleil- 7-10th Jan

Ice climbing world cup, La Plagne. February 1

Ski Touring: Dolomites/Cortina dates tbc

Backcountry and ski touring course with Snoworks in Tignes. Dates tbc

Punta Nera freeride, bouldering and ski mountaineering competition, Cortina. April 2014

That’s plenty to be getting on with….

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