Capturing the Action…

JulienFerrandez-9Capturing pictures of the activities I’m writing about has always been something I’ve enjoyed, but can rarely do properly as I’m usually the one in the action….

And its certainly not as simple as, for example, turning up at the crag and snapping the moment a pro climber clips the bolt on the crux of his latest project.

So earlier this year I thought I’d get the skills nailed at the two day adventure photography course run by the Chamonix Adventure Festival .

Chamonix is a great place to learn how to shoot landscape and action; in the heart of the mountains,  the mecca of trail running, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, alpine climbing, paragliding etc.

Acclaimed adventure photographer Tristan Shu, taught the course this year and gave me many great tips and tricks to pull out of my ‘photography toolbag.’

You can read about the course in my recent article for Trek and Mountain Magazine: Catching the Action.

A few of my photos from the course can be viewed here on google plus.

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