Adventure skiing film premiers: Shane McConkey and more….

Shane McConkeyWith anticipation building  for the coming ski season  ( I’ve just bought my Mont Blanc Unlimited season pass!) there are several new films being released this month in London to whet our appetites even more….

Tonight I’m off to the premier of the Red Bull and Matchstick Productions biopic of one of the most famous extreme skiers and base jumper’s on the planet; Shane McConkey.  The Canadian died in the Dolomites in 2009, when he attempted a double-back flip of a cliff, but had trouble releasing his skis and was unable to deploy his parachute or use his wing-suit. He was just 39-years old.

His wife, Sherry McConkey and  Murray Wais from Matchstick Productions will be there; Wais produced the film and worked with Shane throughout his life. McConkey features in all the action footage, plus there are his own home videos, and interviews with those who knew him best.

The film, which will then go on world tour, is an Art of Flight style look at this life and legacy and was a selection at the Tribeca film festival this year

Here is a short trailer of the film

All proceeds from the film will go to a trust set up in the family’s name.

On Wednesday I’ll be at the premier of Sherpa Cinemas’ ‘Into the Mind’ at the Clapham Grand in an event organised by Sub Zero Events. .

The film, directed by Dave Mossop, comes hot off the heels of the multi-award winning, All.I.Can. The Canadian’s new film is an exploration of fear, happiness, and mortality set against the backdrop of big mountain skiing. there is a great interview with the director HERE by National Geographic.

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