MissionWOW: Ski touring in Courmayeur

DSCN2645Doing a ski season in Chamonix wouldn’t be complete without going ski touring. I recently joined a  MissionWOW ladies only course for a weekend introduction to Ski Touring in Courmayeur .  We skinned up to the Bonatti Hut, which I’d stayed in previously  to witness the epic feat that is the Tor des Geants.    It was a good thing I’d prepared myself too – as about two weeks later I was off to Wengen to do the Lötschenlücke ski tour for a BMC ( British Mountaineering Council) article.  Whilst in Wengen I met the daughter of the owner of the hotel I was staying in, the Falken, who is a keen base jumper and married to professional base jumper,  Chris ‘Douggs’ Mcdougall. They would go jumping in Lauterbrunnen – a mecca for basejumping as explained HERE, in the same way we might go for an afternoon cragging. To say  I was quite impressed is an understatement!

You can read about my MissionWOW  weekend, that’s out now in Coven magaine HERE.


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