Moving on….


I don’t usually write particularly personal posts on this blog, but in this instance it seems quite appropriate.

Since starting out in travel writing I’ve been spending more and more time out in the Alps – both in summer and winter – to the point that I’ve been wondering why I bother coming home….

So… after a few months of investigating my options, I’m off to Chamonix tomorrow – for the season, the year- or for good- who knows….

…but I have to try it and see as I really do believe the things you most regret in life are the things you decide not to do.

I’m really looking forward to having skiing, climbing and trail running on my doorstep.

And I want to try the more adventurous side of the sports like ski touring/mountaineering and mountain races…

Fortunately, this coincides with a few more freelance work opportunities.

As well as blogging for the Ski Club of Great Britain, I’ll be doing some work for Ski Press, and hopefully a few other things to be confirmed/revealed soon to whom it may concern….;-)


2 responses to “Moving on….

  1. There are probably a million clever quotes I could write here to describe a life lived not in the past, present or future but in the ‘what if’….. but I just want to wish you all the best luck in the world Katy with your new venture and I’m sure Chamonix will love you as much as you love it in no time…. All my love Katy xxx

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