Public Relations

Who needs PR? 

PR is for anyone who wants to promote media and public interest in themselves or their business. This includes small or start-up businesses or individuals who want to generate this interest without spending vast amounts on advertising.

What is PR? 

PR will raise the profile of yourself or your business, build your reputation and promote your products, services and news to your clients and target market. Most people think of PR as press coverage (ie. articles and news stories about you or your business) and this is part of the story.

But it’s more than just advertising.  Editorial is very influential and creates credibility for products and services by generating positive publicity from a third party.

I offer the following services to a diverse range of clients:
  • Web copywriting
  • SEO copywriting. Pitman Training qualified
  • Blog writing
  • Article writing
  • Social media content strategy and management. Pitman Training qualified.
  • Copy for brochures and leaflets
  • Copy-editing and proofreading

I am experienced in writing on a wide variety of subject matter and am happy to turn my hand to any project. I also have particular expertise in the following  fields:

  • Winter sports/Mountain Sports
  • Health and fitness
  • Sport
  • Travel/Adventure Travel
  • News and current affairs

Copywriting and Proofreading Services

Brands, large organisations and agencies understand the need for a professional copywriting service. Individuals and smaller businesses may not have the time, skill or confidence to write their own communications. My experience means I can deliver these communications – for print or online – quickly and cost effectively, helping you get the best from your content marketing.

Press Releases

Press releases are an important element to business growth. Media coverage of you, your business or organisation can generate huge consumer interest. As a journalist, I know what makes a good story, which readers will find interesting and will get picked up on and published. If on the web, this will give you valuable links back to your site, as well as direct click-through from visitors looking to find out more.

I can also write a great headline that grabs the reader’s attention, structure the content so that the key facts of the story are delivered effectively, while alluding to the narrative that the journalist can build into a story.

Press releases are  also about managing your reputation and I can write a press release that can give you a fast, appropriate response in an emergency.


A well-written blog can help turn traffic into customers. My blog copywriting service can inspire other websites to include your articles and generate back-links and in turn bring visitors to your site. Blogs are about generating trust and authenticity – two of the biggest factors in a successful online brand. Once you have those subscribers a blog will keep them with you, provided you continue to share relevant information.

As a blog copywriter, I can regularly write blog posts for various individuals and businesses, creating content in tune with your in-house style, tone of voice and brand values. Blog writing is often more time consuming than we anticipate, so I can take on as much or as little as you want for your blog and can deliver promptly, with consistency.

Your readers will also enjoy my content and I can help you build and keep an audience. My blog content will also improve your search results, and are a key part to generating those all-important back links to your site.

As part of my blog writing service I can craft informative, original and interesting articles of between 250 and 1000 words (sometimes longer).

I have blogged for the following:

Free to Run: NGO creating a positive impact in the lives of women and girls from conflict-affected communities through sports.

Free to Run’s hiking programme for refugees of war and conflict who landed in Hong Kong

The Marathon of Afghanistan: Martin and Zainab’s story

Afghanistan’s first ice skating rink

Reach Summit’: Ghost blogging for the trek and tour company based in the Himalayas, on topics to do with the region.

The Ski Club of Great Britain:

Web Copywriting

Web copywriting aims to achieve conversions, search engine results and customer retention.

Web copywriting is different to writing offline as you don’t have long to make a good first impression, so your content has to be very efficient. As a copywriter, that means knowing who your customers are, knowing what they want and what will drive them to take action. This inspires loyalty and they will visit you again and again.

I can help you devise new, interesting, relevant content that will build your brand story online and keep your customers coming back to your site. I provide intelligent, well-written and creative website copywriting with a minimum of management.

Much Better Adventures: Articles on mountaineering, climbing and travel.

Trek and Mountain Magazine: News copy.

We Are Common: Interviews for clients.

Ski Press: Articles for clients

Ultimate Ski: Copywriting

I offer flexible copywriting packages that work around your budget and project requirements.

Prices depend on the length and specific needs of each project, and I’m always happy to chat about finding a rate that suits you best.

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