When Katy met Severine…

It was a lucky twist of fate that before I attempted my second Patrouille Aiguille Rouge ( this time the long course) I met Severine Pont Combe in Crans Montana, who was showing me around the resorts’ ‘Rando Park’.

Severine had just won the ladies team race of the Pierra Menta and – as it goes- after our meeting -where I got a few tips on the race from her – she won the Patrouille Aiguille Rouge too!

The rando park is a great place for those new to the sport who want to learn how to practice it safely, without having to buy all the avalanche equipment needed for ski touring and for those already into the sport, wanting somewhere to train.

You can read the full interview and about the Crans Montana rando park in my piece for My Outdoors.

As it goes, the race didn’t go so well for us, as my teammate managed to split his ski in half on the first descent!

I had thought maybe we could gaffa tape it up and continue, but it wasn’t to be. But I’ll be back for another try in 2021. For now, I’m looking for anyone keen to team up for the “Patrouille des Glaciers” next year ….. short course, obviously 😉

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