Below are a selection of climbing and mountaineering articles:

Katy climbing in Cayman Brac

Moroccan Mountaineering: Adventure Travel Magazine.

Interview with Ueli Steck: Trek and Mountain

Interview with Liv Sansoz: Trek and Mountain

Social Space: Climbing Clubs and Social Media: BMC Summit Magazine

Mountain Leaders: Born to Lead: Trek and Mountain

Women and Alpinism: Climber Magazine

Kendal Festival 2013 Review: Climb Magazine

Everest Base Camp: Trek and Mountain Magazine

Women’s Climbing Symposium: BMC

Alpine Skills in Chamonix: Trek and Mountain Magazine.

FUNdamentals coaching workshops, tried and tested: BMC

Caroline Ciavaldini takes on British trad: BMC, online.

Climbing with Kids: Climb Magazine

Climbing in Cayman Brac: Climb Magazine

Climbing Lines and Coconut Limes Rock Magazine

Piolet’s D’Or: Interview with Sandy Allen and Rick Allen. Summit

Becoming a Scoiattolla, Via  Ferrata  in Cortina: Adventure Travel Magazine

Wings of Kilimanjaro: Much Better Adventures

Top 10 Fearsome Fell Runs: BMC Summit Magazine

The Climb Interview: Shauna Coxsey Climb Magazine

Top Ten Climbing Paradises: BMC Summit Magazine

SportSister meets Squash Falconer

Top Ten Spicy Scrambles: BMC Summit Magazine

Top Ten Extreme Icicles: BMC Summit Magazine

Katy Dartford talks to Lynn Hill: Climb Magazine

Meeting Andy Kirkpatrick. Rock Climbing UK

Torque of the Devil, Or Sport of the Gods?  Climbers Club UK

How dirty is Everest?: Much Better Adventures

Interview with Mountaineer Alan Hinkes OBE: Much Better Adventures

The Great Himalayan Trail: Much Better Adventures

Tooling Around: Trek and Mountain Magazine.

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Katy sharing a beer with Lynn Hill

Katy sharing a beer with Lynn Hill

Meeting Andy Kirkpatrick

Meeting Andy Kirkpatrick

Katy interviewing Andy Kirkpatrick

Katy interviewing Andy Kirkpatrick

Hiking with Squash Falconer

Hiking with Squash Falconer

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